Writing – an Extended Metaphor poem

Metaphor poem

Writing is

Lulled lullaby for little languorous ears

Spangled snowflakes swirling, then settling earth-embraced

Map of the angst and ecstasy humanity has faced

Pristine prism changing perspectives and perceptions

Holi, riot of colours splashing all without exceptions

Laptop battling on despite “battery – 3% left!”

The blood, sweat, tears and toil before harvest

Dispelling dense darkness by flicker of fireflies

Creating a world etched in eternity that never dies

Screwdriver that drills you till words spill through

Touch of sublime that makes the mundane seem new

Drops of mercury coalescing into coherent whole

Worldly wounds soothed by staunch strength of soul

Butterfly effect rippling through cosmic oneness

Irony with less being more and more being less

 Shubha Jaggi

Published in eFictionindia vol 3 issue 12

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    • Hi, yes you may and it’s a pleasure 🙂 what is writing without sharing? I’m happy and thankful you like the work. I’ll be sure to visit your blog in the near future. Keep smiling, keep writing and keep believing in what you believe in 🙂

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