Brides: 5 tips on the 5 tips NOT to follow!

Brides: 5 tips on the 5 tips NOT to follow!

1. “Put your best foot forward:”
You want to make your new partner and new family happy. Great! Do so. By being yourself, asking for opinions, calling more often. Not by sugarcoating or being Miss Goody-Two-Shoes. You are loveable as you are. You don’t want to hear the “now she’s showing her true colours” bit later. (Although you would anyhow.)

2. “You need to lose those ounces to fit in:”
All our lives are about fitting in. Into outfits, jobs, the crowd.
Not. Your. Wedding.
Your wedding is about you, and all of you. As Jennifer Lopez tells her mother-in-law in Monster-in-law, “I want the dress to fit me.” By all means go walk the treadmill – for the fitness, toning and glow, not because you’re unacceptable. Remember your guy chose you as you are.

3. “These are the golden days, enjoy while they last!”
Weddings are stressful, tiring and full of loud folks screaming opinions down your throats. Post-wedding one needs to adjust, puts on honeymoon weight and misses being the centre of action. The good part? The golden phase might just have begun. There would be kids’ birthdays, your promotions and your cousins’ weddings which you can enjoy without planning for yours now!

4. “You need to stick to the budget:”
Not so much, if you’re smart. You probably won’t anyhow – it’s a wedding! Choose the right planner, delegate without shying away and go by your instinct. Have a wedding registry
and let your guests help with your needs. Pinterest and Youtube vlogs have free, smart advice for you – turn to them and ditch the glossies.

5. “Trust me, I’ve been through this:”
While the grandmoms and aunts have been married, the trends are changing and the bride is different. Ditch the guilt. It’s OK to be assertive and even selfish as long as you don’t turn into a bridezilla. This is the time for your dear ones to step up and cooperate – if they love you, they will. Be flexible for the wedding would differ from your initial vision, yet it should reflect who YOU are.

Don’t like a tip or two? Sod that too, I don’t mind for it’s YOUR day! Have a happy married life!

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