The 3-second Meditation for Dummies (and why it works!)

The 3-second Meditation for Dummies (and why it works!) Too busy? Too queasy? Better meditate for three seconds than not at all. What to do: Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Say “Thank you, Universe” and open your eyes. Why it works: -By closing your eyes, you gave your mind a signal to pause. […]

Litfest roundup!

Litfest Roundup Who said “Tinder is my Swyambar”? Which author visited bookstores to put his books under the “Bestsellers” section? Who claimed that Indian designers copy each other? Read on for all the scoop on the Times LitFest! 74 sessions, 100+ speakers, thousands of voracious readers: the reading capital of India came alive last weekend. […]

Brides: 5 tips on the 5 tips NOT to follow!

Brides: 5 tips on the 5 tips NOT to follow! 1. “Put your best foot forward:” You want to make your new partner and new family happy. Great! Do so. By being yourself, asking for opinions, calling more often. Not by sugarcoating or being Miss Goody-Two-Shoes. You are loveable as you are. You don’t want […]

6 quick, lazy ways to save the world today:

6 quick, lazy ways to save the world today: 1. Ditch the Dustbin: The next time you eat fruit or nuts, throw the seeds in a garden (or at least the unpaved roadside). Let the birds do their work and heck, you just planted a tree! 2. Teach a kid anything you can right now: […]

Writing – an Extended Metaphor poem

Metaphor poem Writing is Lulled lullaby for little languorous ears Spangled snowflakes swirling, then settling earth-embraced Map of the angst and ecstasy humanity has faced Pristine prism changing perspectives and perceptions Holi, riot of colours splashing all without exceptions Laptop battling on despite “battery – 3% left!” The blood, sweat, tears and toil before harvest […]

The Unsung

She’s someone exactly like someone you know and yet dares to be different. She seeks her voice yet has remained the unsung. Can she hope to dream? Read the story featured in eFictionindia vol. 3 issue 11, below: The Unsung The moment I put pen to paper I hear my mother-in-law’s “Sushma bahu, would I […]

God’s Own Village – Shelkewadi

Does Utopia exist only in imagination or some exotic unnamed country? Can it take the form of a small village of 75 families, where each house flashes an enthusiastic slogan and each person a cheery smile? Can people actually happily coexist and work toward a common vision? I’ve been blessed to stumble upon just one such community, thanks […]