6 quick, lazy ways to save the world today:

6 quick, lazy ways to save the world today:

1. Ditch the Dustbin: The next time you eat fruit or nuts, throw the seeds in a garden (or at least the unpaved roadside). Let the birds do their work and heck, you just planted a tree!
2. Teach a kid anything you can right now:  
And ask him to pass it on. A story, a quote, a fun trick (don’t get too naughty, you!). Kids are the best learners and teachers if you’re fun.
3. Give everyone you meet something you have:
A smile. A compliment. A sweater. A gift. Happiness has a ripple effect.
4. Whatever you are doing, do it better:
If everybody minded their own business and well, the world would be simpler. Excellence and personal happiness are the most important pursuits.
5. Go to an online help forum and give advice:
Heartbreak, hopelessness and teen suicides – pick your cause, it takes a minute to tell someone they’re not alone.
6. Pray:
Every bit of positivity we emit lifts the world a bit higher. I pray for YOU to be blessed with love, light and laughter!

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